Over Training

It’s easy to get so excited about getting in shape that you initially over train. So here are a couple of things to watch out for.

 • Do your joints and muscles always feel achy or tired?

 • Do you find yourself feeling irritable during the week and seem to have no energy for your regular daily tasks?

You may be over training. 

In order to get the desired results of hard muscles, conditioning and fat loss – in order to look and feel good – you must go through the cycle of exercising, eating right and resting. If you don’t allow your muscles to rest, they won’t have the opportunity to grow – they need rest as much as exercise and good food.

What to do. 

 • For starters, take a day off from exercising. 

 • If it’s the weekend, sleep a little or a lot longer.

 • Take a day off from your diet.

 • Try cutting back on your cardio or use lighter weights during your resistance training for a week.

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