Training Tips

When you first start working out on a regular basis, you may experience some muscle soreness. The soreness is bringing change – change in strength and in muscle development.

If music gets you in the mood to move, then turn it on.

If you’ve just rolled out of bed, it may be a good idea to loosen up a bit before you start your routine. Reach up towards the ceiling as far as you can, stretching one hand higher than the other for a count of 10. Also try some simple twists from the waist.

After you’ve begun the day’s program, go directly from one exercise to the next without stopping. You want to get your heart rate up and keep it up.

Mentally focus on the muscles you’re using in each exercise. Think about the exercise you’re doing and the muscles that you’re using.

It’s important to use a full range of motion when doing your exercises. Full range of motion equals good circulation and blood flow to working muscles.

Stretching is a key component to your exercises and also to getting in shape. Stretching not only enables you to work your muscles’ elasticity to their given extremities but also benefits your tendons and ligaments.

Remember to keep breathing while you’re exercising – don’t hold your breath.

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